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Forest Row Church of England Primary School


Welcome to Hazel Class


This term (Autumn 2023), our enquiry project will be:

'Do you have the tools to survive?'


Survival underpins all existence. It is the ability to develop the tools and strategies to sustain and promote life on Earth. Since the very moment that life on earth began, humans, plants, animals and all other living organisms, have been learning to adapt and survive through various difficult and challenging conditions. Despite our consistently evolving world, there are some fundamental similarities between the survival of the hunter-gatherers in the Stone Age and survival today. We are United in our mutual need for food, water, oxygen, sleep and shelter. But beyond these basic needs, and perhaps more prevalent than ever in a distinctly complex world, we are alike in our needs for mutuality, unity, compassion and peace. 


Within our project this term, we will be exploring some strategies of survival in the Stone Age. We will be comparing these mechanisms with those of today, to understand how they have changed over time, before unpicking whether we have the tools needed to survive and sustain life on Earth in the present day. 


This term's project planner: 

project planner stone age.pdf


Our spellings this term:


hazel spellings autumn 1 overview.pdf




Teaching Team


Miss Lampard - Teacher                                                        Miss Lock - Teaching Assistant                                          


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