Vision Statement


  • Forest Row Church of England Primary School is a successful, exciting and caring school, with a reputation as a dynamic and creative organisation.
  • We believe in the concept of life-long learning and the notion that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone; it should be fun.
  • Through effective teaching, we equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices about the important things in their lives. We believe that appropriate teaching and learning experiences help children to lead happy and rewarding lives.
  • The school is well known for its energy, enthusiasm and commitment and reflects the efforts of those who work here and the positive relationship between Governors, parents, the Parish Church and the wider community.

Our vision in action

All who visit the school will think: “Here is a school where I would be happy to send my children. Here is a place where children are cared for, where their intellectual, social and emotional development matters. There are warm, respectful relationships within and between all members of the school community; adults and children are listening to one another, each respecting what the other has to say. The children at Forest Row Church of England Primary School achieve their potential and are joyful about learning.”


  • To provide a high quality of education that enables all children to achieve their personal best, make progress and achieve well in a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment
  • To develop confident, disciplined and enquiring learners, able to listen, concentrate and apply themselves to tasks
  • To foster interest and enjoyment of learning in every child
  • To help children develop self-esteem and personal responsibility, linked to respect for the needs and feelings of others in a multi-cultural society and be well prepared for life in Modern Britain
  • To ensure equal opportunities in relation to gender, race, ability and religious belief
  • To facilitate considerate and positive relationships between all members of the school community, to have pride in achievement and a desire to succeed
  • To promote thoughtful and caring attitudes towards the immediate and wider environment
  • To ensure that as a Church of England School, the Christian faith underpins our ethos, teaching and the children’s spiritual moral and cultural development
  • To use a ‘values’ approach to teach personal values and social skills that reflect the aims of our learning community