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Forest Row Church of England Primary School




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Coverage of the Curriculum

At Forest Row,  we follow the new  national  curriculum for primary science.  Our pupils learn about many different  aspects of science including the natural world, forces, electricity  and changes of states of materials.  We always teach the subject in 'real world' contexts which demonstrate how science affects and enhances our daily lives. We teach our pupils how to think  scientifically about the world around them and to question what they see.

Approaches to Teaching Science

Science is an awe inspiring , mind blowing subject and we ensure that it is taught in that way. Instilling a sense of wonder and amazement in our pupils at the scientific marvels which surround us is at the heart of what we do. We apply a child-led, enquiry based approach to science teaching. As much as possible our pupils design  and lead their own investigations and experiments. We believe passionately that our pupils learn the most about science when they are challenged to explore and discover things for themselves. Outdoor learning  is a vital part of our pupil's scientific experience  and we make extensive use of our grounds and the surrounding area to teach the subject.



Space Week - 4th to 10th November 2022

This year's theme for space week is 'Sustainability'. Each class explored what space is and how we can use space sustainably. Here is some of our work up on a display (and a giant space rocket that landed in our Library!): 

Space Week 2022