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Forest Row Church of England Primary School


Welcome to Chestnut Class


This term (Autumn 2023), our enquiry project will be:

'Conflict: good, bad or necessary?'

Since the dawn of time, conflict, in whatever form, has had a significant impact on the course of history. From the earliest battles in ancient Mesopotamia to today's wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, conflicts have had the power to shape and change our world. Over the centuries, combat has become increasingly more sophisticated through industrialisation as well as advances in technology. However, conflict's ability to change the whole world or fight against oppression has stayed the same. 

Our project this term will focus on the different causes of conflicts alongside their impact. Historically, Year 5 will be focussing on World War 2 and some of the significant conflicts within it (The Blitz, Dunkirk, Pearl Harbour). At the end of the project, we will be exploring whether the conflicts were necessary, whether they could have been avoided and whether anything positive arose from the conflicts.

 Below you will find our project planner with further details about this term's learning:    

project planner chestnut t1 2023.pdf


Our spellings this term:   

chestnut term 1 2023 rwi spellings.pdf


  Class reader


Our class reading books will be 'Holes' by Louis Sachar and our class guided reading text will be 'The Machine Gunners' by Robert Westall.

We have adopted a lion!

As part of our whole school fundraising, each class raised enough money to adopt an animal from the WWF. We chose a lion. Meet Simba - our cuddly version of the majestic, vulnerable wild one! [Did you know there are estimated to be only 23,000 lions left in the wild?]





Teaching Team


Mrs Galea - Teacher                   Mrs Francis - Teaching Assistant  (Mon - Thurs)        Mrs Axell - INA (Mornings)



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