Term 6 Week 6

Oak Home Learning My wish for Year 1 Blank bunting How to make a pirate's hat
Pirate themed maths activity book Pirate home learning challenge End of year writing activity Adding more treasure to pirate's patch

Term 6 Week 5 

Oak Home Learning Rhyming Pairs A list for the witch Describe the witch
Finger puppets Make a mini broom Room on the Broom puppets Words of the week

Term 6 Week 4

Oak Home Learning Number formation 0-10 Number formation activity sheet Phase 2 phonics - name the alien Phase 3 phonics -colour by phoneme
Phase 3 phonics - name the alien Words to write this week Zog activity - breathing fire Zog downloadable activity sheets 1 Zog downloadable activity sheets 2
Zog review sheet


Term 6 Week 3

Oak Home Learning Odds and even activity book Sorting odds and evens Mini beast hunt Words to write this week
Maths mastery home learning challenge Phase 3 phonemes Phase 4 blends Snail and whale activity Snail and whale colouring by numbers
Spiral template Spiral template left handed Snail and the whale colouring

Term 6 Week 2

Oak Home Learning Words to write this week How to make a wormery Earth worm fact cards Looking after worms in a  wormery
Fitness Challenge Jar of happiness Rhyming odd one out strips Zig zag monster letter formation Learning to spell guide

Term 6 Week 1

Returning to school photo information

20 things to do

Term 5 Week 5

Oak Home Learning Phase 3 morning starters Spider Counting Challenge 1 Spider Counting to 20
Spider Counting Challenge 2 Spider Describing Kicking a ball at home

Term 5 Week 4

Oak Home Learning Picture cards for hunt Word Hunt activity sheet Handwriting patterns

Lower case letters

Pairs investigation PE Catching  PE Throwing

Problem solving - sharing

Push or pull The enormous turnip Upper case letters

Term 5 Week 3

Oak Home Learning Digit Dog money challenge Bark Rubbing BEAM Handful of pennies
Word and picture cards CCVC Filling purses Find and write the ai words Leaf hunt
Matching money Ng phoneme spotter story Numicon money shapes 2 One armed robot letter formers

Term 5 Week 2

Oak Home Learning 7 day picture diary Diary template Ladybird doubles to 10
Nrich double trouble Numicon doubles to 10 Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenge Solving Problems

Term 5 Week 1

Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation Oak Home Learning Stem Carrot Challenge
Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation Poster Oak News 21.4.20 Espresso Parent Letter

Oak News

Oak News April Update

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