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Our 10 things to do before you leave Forest Row is the foundation of our curriculum. We collected the views and thoughts of the staff, children and parents. Together we created 10 things we want every child to experience and achieve during their time at Forest Row for example:  ‘Experience and explore the outdoors beyond our gates’, Develop a lifelong love of reading’, and ‘Feel confident in who we are and express our individuality’. Our teachers have spent time ensuring our projects encompass these 10 things and give children the tools and skills to achieve them. 

Through our curriculum, we want all of our children to have the opportunity to:

10 Things to do before leaving Forest Row



Below is the 2 Year Whole School Curriculum Planning Overview

whole school overview.pdf



 Curriculum Overviews

Our curriculum overviews give more detail about each project over the two year cycle. For the academic year 2023 - 2024, we are on cycle B.

Cycle B Year 1 and 2

cycle b years 1 and 2.pdf


 Cycle B Year 3 and 4 

cycle b years 3 and 4.pdf


  Cycle B Year 5 and 6

cycle b years 5 and 6.pdf


For the academic year 2024 - 2025 we will be on cycle A. 

 Cycle A Year 1 and 2

cycle a years 1 and 2.pdf

  Cycle A Year 3 and 4

cycle a years 3 and 4.pdf

  Cycle A Year 5 and 6

cycle a years 5 and 6.pdf