20 Easter things to do when you have time on your hands

  1.  Keep a record of which birds you see each day
  2.  Try out a quiz at:  https://young.rspca.org.uk/kids/funstuff
  3.  Paint something (with paint or just with water)
  4.  Draw or paint a rainbow to put in your window
  5.  Make an obstacle course in your garden or lounge
  6. Learn how to keep safe at: https://www.esfrs.org/your-safety/kids-zone/
  7. Make an Easter garden
  8. Adapt a recipe to make it your own invention
  9. Decorate an Easter egg
  10. Make up a dance routine for your favourite song
  11. Learn how to sew a button
  12. Learn the location of 10 countries, their capital and flag
  13. Grow something
  14. Skip for 1 minute without stopping
  15. Watch a film
  16. Play a card game
  17. Count the different flowers that you can see outside
  18. Do a jigsaw (or create your own first)
  19. Write a story
  20. Challenge someone to a board game